Guest Blog

This website is great if you like DC and superman Or TV shows like the Flash.It’s great for humor, and creativity.This blog was the best I’ve seen before and I hope that won’t change.If you want real news stay there.

FLASH IN 4 DAYS!!!!!!!!!

HEY ITS IAN YA BOIIIII GUEST WRITING FOR THIS COOL DUDE RIGHT HERE! I CANT BELIEVE THE FLASH IS IN 4 DAYS! I can’t wait until I miss Cisco and his jokes and Caitlin and her frosty attitude. I can’t wait to see Barry’s deep phase. (he looks scarred after his time in the speed force). I’ll miss fun Barry 😦

Guest Blog

To a sports analysis, to a new blogger, I have always love to tell about the news. I think my friends blog right here has one of the best news lately showing about the huge hurricanes that are causing big destruction, he tells it very detailed to the marvel superhero. I think that he could be one of the best blogger doing random topics.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

The new version of this cool action packed fighting game has become a new popular game in 2017.The new secret characters were already leaked by someone at the comic-con but nobody ever thought if it was true.Image result for dlc marvel vs capcom infinite

This is sigma a character who is already supposed to be in the game.Their is an evil one! This game will get more hype with all these super heroes who you remember as a kid.