Our class just got our new cameras.They look so cool,and have so many detailed features to them.It even has a mic with it.We plan on using awesome films and very fun radio shows with them.When we use our first film or morning announcements with the camera it will look 10times better than a regular film camera.



These hurricanes this year have been crazy and difficult.Homes are being destroyed and broken apart.People have been in shelters and have no food or are being attacked by the flood.Now that the storm is over we have just been hit by an earthquake that was pretty big.It was an 4.5-magnitude earthquake that was centered in Berkeley but hit other places too.

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New Year

This New Year has just started and it has already brought so many special things.New Music,New Attitude and New Fun!This year will be one to remember with all the awesome movies coming out this year.My most anticipated movies are Black Panther,Avengers:Infinity War,and Incredibles 2.These movies will be blockbuster and win so many awards this year.

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This Winter a movie and personally my favorite movie of the year came out call Jumanji,which is a sequal to the original Jumanji starring Robin Williams.

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The picture is the origianl jumanji based on an ancient board game that releases a curse to the kids and lots of animals come from the game and they need to free the man stuck in the game (Robin Williams).Based on a children’s book of the same name.

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Now this is a sequal to the movie I just showed you this one is set about four kids who go to the same school brought together to play this game and get sucked in.They all chose an avatar to play and they all have 3 lives,so they need to protect the infamous chrystal and replace on the jaguar to save jumanji.But it wouldn’t be called jumanji without giant rhinos and creatures.If you still have to go see the movie you will not be disappointed!!

Christmas Gifts!

2 days ago was Christmas and some people will say they got the best gifts of the year.Then there are other people who didn’t  get as much gifts,that was a horrible time for those people who didn’t get the gifts they wanted.Christmas is all about giving and sharing a special moment just like when Jesus was born.Hope everyone had a merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Avengers Infinity War

Yesterday the trailer has officially dropped for Avengers.And it is #1 on trending and is the best trailer I have ever seen.The movie trailer shows characters from over 60 movies and comic books and has been a lot different from the first Avengers(2012).This movie looks like it has my money  before it even comes out!The new teaser poster has dropped too.Make sure to go check out the new trailer right now.One more thing this is one of the world biggest trailers in the world(42 million) in one day is a crazy amount of views.

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Christmas Time!

Christmas is coming up so you better make your list cause he’s checking it twice.This Christmas will be a very special one more  things you like are coming to a sale and more are going to be rare! Of course black Friday be the busiest day of the month say make the most of it.Image result for black friday 2017Image result for black friday 2017